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Once Upon A Time

Newspaper Articles on Local History
     -   The Remarkable Widow Catherine Smith
     -   Ludwig Derr's Town
     -   George H. Ramer: Congressional Medal of Honor
     -   Bliss-McClure House & Carriage House in Lewisburg, PA: The Underground Railroad
     -   Christy Mathewson 1880-1925: NY Giants Baseball Pitcher
     -   Frank G. Bowe 1947-2007
     -   The Dale-Engle-Walker Farm
     -   Benjamin Kurtz Focht - Journalist, Publisher & Politician
     -   Theo Christ and the 1850's
     -   Pioneer Psychiatrist Headed Unique Institution: Dr. Mary Moore Wolfe
     -   Hairy John
     -   The Civil War Diary of William Harrison Hursh
     -   Mrs Emma Bucknell survives Titanic despite disregarding instincts
     -   Sarah Winter Indenture of 1802
     -   Enoch Miller Building in Mifflinburg
     -   John George Obermeyer, 1727-1805, Early German Settler in Union County, PA
     -   Samuel Wolfe: A Union County  Military Man
     -   A Special Setting in Union County: The Dale House
     -   Mildred Focht: Student in Berlin at the Time of the Rise of the Nazis
     -   French Jacob
     -   Rev. Dr. Robert Lowry: Professor, Minister and Composer missing
Places in Union County
     -   Old Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery  missing
     -   Grave News: Early Cemeteries
     -   The Lewisburg Opera House
     -   Tolls on Route 80? How about Tolls on Route 45!
     -   Penns Creek Arks and Butter Rock
     -   Furnace Road
     -   The Hyman Hotel, Winfield, Union Township, Union County
     -   Snook's Mill
     -   Missing Mifflinburg Cemetery
     -   The Old Log Academy and the Lewisburg Academy
     -   The Lewisburg Cemetery
     -   The History of Mifflinburg's Buggy Industry
     -   A Forester's Vision
     -   Telephone History
     -   J. F. Groover and Bros. Store, Lewisburg, PA
     -   Let There Be Light, Lewisburg's Style
     -   William H. Bind & Union County Sleds
     -   Union County Kline Family and the Civil War
     -   Postal Service in 1911
     -   Theo Sterner Christ, 19th Century Doctor Photographers and Post Cards
     -   Redware Potters in Union County (1962)
     -   There were Railroads in Union County
     -   An Early History of the Lewisburg Chair and Furniture Company
     -   Logging in Central PA
     -   Union County Gunsmithing
     -   Water-Powered Gristmills of Union County
     -   The Art of Early Photography in Union County
     -   William Cameron and the Silsby Steam-powered Fire Engine
     -   Ario Pardee and the Pardee Lumbering Company
Specific Events
     -   Origins of the Union County Fair
     -   The Women's Liberty "Justice" Bell
     -   The Civil War Monument
     -   Decoration Day
     -   Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation(1863)
     -   1933, The Summer of Prison Breaks
     -   Bicentennial 2013
     -   Gettysburg
     -   January 1914
     -   A Village Dies in Union County
General Events
     -   Union County was the Frontier of European Settlement in Pennsylvania
     -   Mifflinburg's Early History
     -   New Berlin's Beginnings
     -   Early Schooling in Union County
     -   January 1910
     -   Mazeppa
     -   From "Union County's Role in World War I"
     -   December 1910
     -   Some Flood History
     -   Development and Changes for Union County River Towns
     -   Downtown Lewisburg: 1948
     -   Hartley Township, Union County PA
     -   Pennsylvania Canal System
     -   Before D-Day
     -   Flooding on the Susquehanna West Branch
     -   The Nolan Gang Prison Escape
     -   Searching for Indian History
     -   Slavery and the Underground Railroad
     -   American Indians of the Susquehanna River Area
     -   Slavery and Emancipation: Contradictions and Challenges
     -   Record-Setting Chautauqua in 1925
     -   Samuel Mcclay
     -   The Judge's Project

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