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DEW Museum Collection

The Archives and Collection of UCHS includes over ten thousand artifacts related to Union County history. Many of these items were donated by generous supporters and others were acquired by the Archives and Collections Committee. The collection is housed primarily at the Dale-Engle-Walker
House and property. Some artifacts, such as those displayed at the DEW Hearth Area, the Dale Library, and the Wagon Shed, help with historical interpretation. The preservation, care, archiving, and presentation are the primary responsibilities of the Archives and Collections Committee. Researchers interested in searching our database record and viewing items from the collection may contact the
UCHS Office to set up an appointment for a visit.
Our collection includes a variety of items related to the history of agriculture in Union County.
Included in the inventory are farm implements, tools, buggies, and sleighs, which are stored in
our Wagon Shed facility. Because the Dale-Engle-Walker property was once a dairy farm, the
inventory includes items related the dairy industry and are used as educational tools during
visitors’ tours at the farm. Contained in the archives are documents related to the Union County
Agricultural Society and the Union County Fair.

Probably the most significant asset of the archives is a large collection of photographs, postcards,
and photo albums related to Union County. The collection includes images of individuals, school
groups, houses, businesses, industries, and farms from locations throughout the county. Various
Union County photographers are featured including Bierly, Eisenhauer, Ginter, Pross, Ross, and

Included in the collection are a number of documents, ledgers, advertisement ephemera, and
other items related to the history of banking in Union County.

The archives include a significant collection of documents, books, anniversary booklets, and
other artifacts related to the religious life of Union County. Of particular interest are documents
related to the Sunday School movement in Union County, the Women’s Christian Temperance
Union, and Central Oak Heights.

The archival inventory includes a significant collection of documents and photographs related to
the public and private schools of Union County. Of particular interest are the documents
collected by longtime Union County school superintendent, Frank Boyer. The collection also
includes documents and ephemera related to Union Seminary at New Berlin.

The collection contains a significant number of photographs, documents, and ephemera related to
Bucknell University, the Female Institute of Bucknell, and the Central Pennsylvania College.

The collection includes a variety of documents and ephemera related to businesses and events in
Union County.

The collection includes Union County deeds from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Included in the archives are documents and ephemera related to election campaigns in Union County.

The collection includes a significant inventory of quilts and woven coverlets made by Union
County crafters.
This listing represents the most up-to-date inventory of historical artifacts housed
at the DEW House.  Last updated - 6/1/21

Elaine Wintjen

Research and Outreach Specialist


Write or Drive to:
Union County Courthouse
103 South 2nd Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, M, T, TH
Closed noon - 1pm
(570) 524-8666

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