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UCHS is excited to offer reproduction postcards from the past.  Cards are $1 each and may be purchased on this website or at the UCHS office.  Cards available include:

   A.  West End Fair, circa 1930s – photographer unknown
   B.  Covered bridge, south side of Penns Creek facing New Berlin, circa mid-1899s

          – photographer unknown
   C.  West End Fair, circa 1920s – Charles Lindig, photographer.

   D.  Last passenger train in Mifflinburg, August 5, 1956 – photographer unknown
   E.  Narrow gauge passenger train traveling between New Berlin and Winfield, circa early-1900s

         – photographer unknown

   F.  Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive #2233 outside Lewisburg, circa 1990.

   G. Pennsylvania Railroad station in Mifflinburg, 1907.

   H. Glen Iron station, 1907, along the Pennsylvania Railroad.

   I.   Vicksburg railroad station along the Pennsylvania Railroad, circa early 1900s.

   J. Mazeppa Union Church, as it is called today, winter setting, early 20th century.

   K. Slifer House, circa 1920s.


Union County Postcards

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