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We welcome guests, as well as new and returning members, to visit our facilities and to use our extensive reference materials. Returning researchers, who are not currently members of the Society, may want to consider the value of joining UCHS. We have a lot to offer!

Benefits of UCHS Membership

Membership is the key to maintaining and growing the UCHS. We encourage members to participate in program planning and presentations, design displays, help with tours, conduct genealogical and historical research, and other volunteer efforts. YOUR membership supports programs and special events throughout the year;  our collections of vintage Union County photographs, postcards, account books, diaries, and authentic artifacts made by Union County craftsmen; and maintaining and operating the historic 1793 Dale-Engle-Walker House and farm. Members can enjoy a free copy of the biennial Heritage publication; deduct 10% off all UCHS merchandise; receive several newsletters a year; and have free use of our reference library in the UCHS courthouse office.

New Members

New members must FIRST purchase a membership plan below.  Following your purchase, click the "Member Login" Button at the top right hand corner of this website to create a member log-in profile. Your profile will only be approved by our administration once your membership plan purchase has been received.  All member-only information will be unlocked to you through the members drop down tab.