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Dale's Ridge Trail

The Dale's Ridge Trail is located on the Dale-Engle-Walker Farmstead on Strawbridge Road, Lewisburg.  The house and property are owned by the Union County Historical Society.

The Dale's Ridge Trail offers a variety of habitats, including a creek floodplain, fields in various stages of ecological succession, a mature forest, and former agricultural fields. Dale's Ridge rises steeply, nearly 160 feet (49m) above Buffalo Creek in east-central Buffalo Valley. Crossing the northern part of the ridge, the trail offers a variety of scenic views, geological features, wildflowers, and birds.

The two-mile trail is open dawn to dusk. Leashed dogs are allowed. Access to the trail is from the parking area along Strawbridge Road on the south side of Buffalo Creek. Specific information concerning the two-mile loop trail is available at the trailhead. 

The trail is maintained by the Merrill W. Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy. For information on this and other locals trails, and Linn Conservancy events, visit the Conservancy Facebook page and website


Hiking groups of more than fifteen people: please contact the Linn Conservancy at or 570-522-8666 with information on the planned hike, including name of group, date and time.

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